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Curriculum (valid from October 2021)

Recommended course of studies

The master programme's goal is for students to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, field excursions and laboratory courses can be part of your individual specialisation or environmental systems laboratories.

Find out what field courses can look like with the "short student tutorials" on the youtube channel of the University of Vienna.



  • MES 1: Introduction to Environmental Science (15 ECTS)
    This module is devoted to basic ecological approaches in environmental science and the tools needed for statistical evaluation and communication of observations.

    • VO Introduction to Ecology (VO Biochemistry and Ecosystems)
    • VO and UE Introduction to Statistics (choose one of the following: VU Analysis of Ecological Data OR VU Preparation and Evaluation of Multifactorial Experiments in Ecology)
    • KU Introduction to System Laboratories
    • SE Scientific Writing (SE Scientific Communication for Geoscientists)
  • MES 2: Introduction to Environmental Chemistry (15 ECTS)
    This module introduces environmental chemistry approaches in environmental science.

    • VU Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
  • MES 3: Environmental Systems Laboratories (30 ECTS)
    Environmental Systems Laboratories (each 10 ECTS) focus on key areas on environmental science. Depending on the area, theory may be combined with hands-on exercises such as laboratory work, field studies or modelling courses: choose 3 out of all Env. Systems Labs offered. 
  • MES 4: Individual Research Projects (10 ECTS)
    Work on a small project in a research group that is active in Environmental Science research field.
  • MES 5: Individual Specialisation (20 ECTS)
    Choose courses in Environmental Science that you find particularly interesting. These courses may also advance knowledge and skills that are useful for your master thesis research work.
  • Master Thesis (25 ECTS + 5 ECTS Defensio)

The course and exam registration is done using u:find. The registration period is usually in the month before the semester starts.

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