Master Thesis & Defensio

The master thesis accounts for 25 ECTS and its defense for 5 ECTS.

For more information regarding formal criteria and the process of writing your Master thesis, please check with SSC and SPL for current regulations and requirements.


The following documents should be submitted in the beginning of your master thesis process:

  1. Registration and approval of your master thesis topic as soon as you have found a supervisor.
  2. Declaration of good scientific practice (Form SL/W1, only available in German, English version).​

-> send both documents digitally to the SSC ( 

After finishing your master thesis:

  1. Submit your thesis at HOPLA, print and sign the Upload Affirmation.
  2. After one week, you can ask for the result of the plagiarism check at SSC. After clearance of any plagiarism your supervisor can review and grade your thesis (Form SL/W5).

Master Defense:

General Information: 

The student must hold a public defence (5 ECTS) in front of the defence committee, composed of at least two examiners and one chairperson. The chairperson typically also serves as examiner. The committee of the defence is suggested by the candidate and approved by the SPL. The student must take several steps before the defence can take place. These are described on the SSC website in detail.

The defence consists of two parts: (i) a public presentation of the scientific results obtained as part of the MP (25 minutes), and (ii) a public examination by the committee about topics related to the MP. The public is allowed to ask questions. The total duration of the defence is typically 1 hour (or longer).

Registration of Defensio: 

  1. Arrange date, location and the examination committee with the SSC.
  2. Check the availability of 3 examination committee members before you send the application sheet for approval to the SPL ( Submit the signed registering form (Form SL/P2) to the SSC (


  • Revision and grading of your thesis can officially take up to 2 month after the electronic submission at HOPLA.
  • There must be at least 2 weeks between the master defense and your evaluation and grading.
  • The final certificate will be issued within 4 weeks.
  • With the form SL/W3 you can request to lock your thesis to the usage by other persons for up to five years (i.e., your thesis includes sensitive data). This request must be filed at the latest when uploading your thesis.